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We are a tapestry of cultures, traditions, generations, perspectives and colorful faces that reflect the beauty and richness of our island community.  Together we seek to discover and celebrate our unity in God's inclusive and all-encompassing love.  As the Beloved Community we embrace God's divine presence in each person, and behold divine goodness in all people, throughout nature and  all creation.

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Our Goals

Our Vision:  To love God, love neighbor, reach out and connect all people to God. We strive to be the Beloved Community that welcomes and embraces all people through ministries of Nurture, Outreach and Witness.

We are intentional about reflecting our vision through the following mission goals:

  • extend the Beloved Community by nurturing a culture of hospitality that welcomes and affirms all people, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, socio-economic status and background.
  • expand our mission outreach and witness by actively engaging issues of social justice and ministries addressing hunger, homelessness, mental health andof our native island people.
  • identify and develop our leadership base to include new and younger members.
  • create a variety of opportunities for vibrant, engaging and enriching worship experiences and encounters of the Spirit.
  • provide contexts and avenues for spiritual formation and growth, supportive relationships and life connections through small groups.
  • understanding and infusing indigenous spiritualities and wisdom traditions (including Hawaiian, Polynesian, Native American, Celtic...) to inform and deepen our Christian faith and communal life.  


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